Musculoskeletal Pain


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The cause of most musculoskeletal pain is muscle tension or spasms and/or joint swelling/inflammation. Acupuncture
works to stop muscle spasms and

contraction as well as rapidly reduce swelling and inflammation. The vast majority of musculoskeletal pain patients see significant improvements within 3 to 6 treatments, even in cases of long-standing, unresponsive pain.






"I am an avid tennis player who developed arthritis in my right knee after turning fifty, as a result of a fifteen-year old basketball injury.  After several years of increasing pain and stiffness, I decided to try acupuncture.  There was noticeable relief during my first session.  After a course of about eight sessions over a two-month period, I experienced significant improvement and was able to play competitive tennis again. Now, I only need treatment on a sporadic basis."

- Robert Angel


"After suffering from lower back pain and stiffness, I was tired of the pain killers and prescription drugs.  I decided to give acupuncture a try.  I’m just amazed at how much better I feel and the pain is now gone completely.  All I can say is thank you all so much for the relief.  I’m so glad that I found Jake Avancena.  In the future I will be giving it a try again first before taking the traditional drugs.  Thanks again for the relief."

- D.F. Vienna, Virginia


"I began acupuncture treatments with Jake Avancena L.Ac. in 1999 for insomnia.  My sleep improved immediately.  I continued care for CFIDS and chronic sinus infections and have gotten relief when nothing else worked.  Regular acupuncture has helped to improve my chronic CFIDS symptoms as well as other health issues that arise from time to time."

- Fran Dale  Sterling, Virginia


"After years of suffering from shooting pains in the back of my head, I turned to Jake Avancena L.Ac. for assistance on the advice of a friend.  After several sessions of acupuncture, the pain disappeared and the tightness in my upper back and base of my skull eased as well.  I have used Jake's services for other ailments over the years including sore throats, sinusitis, insomnia and food allergy elimination.  The combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbs have either kept me from getting sick or have significantly shortened the duration and severity of ailments (which occurred when I ignored the “coming down with something” feeling and didn’t seek attention soon enough).  My family relies on Jake’s expertise and genuine concern for our health.  They are our partners in our quest for good health.  We have been Jake's clients since 2001."

- D.W.  Manassas, Virginia


" I’ve had amazing success with Jake.  I’ve had back problems for a long time and I’ve tried physical therapy etc. with no success.  I’ve seen significant improvement in a very short time.        

- Tana


" I’ve been thrilled at the way acupuncture with Jake Avancena has helped calm down inflammation from arthritis and tendonitis.  It’s wonderful to have that relief without the negative side effects of medications.  The intense and deep relaxation from every treatment is a huge bonus!"

- C.J. Arlington, Virginia


" I was having real pain behind my right shoulder blade.  The pain was so bad I could not sleep at night in a bed.  This problem went on for more than a month.  I had to sleep in a lounge chair with my arms raised above my head.  I tried chiropractic care, which I normally use but this did not help at all.  I came to Jake who found the muscles that were causing the problem and after only three sessions of acupuncture, I was completely cured.  It was such a relief to sleep in a bed again and sleep all night uninterrupted.  I highly recommend this treatment.  Thanks.

- Joseph Arnold Alexandria, Virginia


"I wanted to take a moment to say thanks for your excellent care.  As you know, I suffered from sciatica problems for years.  I went through physical therapy, pain pills, sleeping pills, epidural injections, heating pads, ice, you name it.  Nothing worked!  But in just a few sessions with acupuncture, the pain was gone.  Unbelievable!!  I truly appreciate your help."

- J.A.H. McLean, Virginia


I suffered from significant TMJ pain for over a year.  I experienced only temporary relief from chiropractic adjustments.  I turned to acupuncture when I was told by my MD and dentist that muscle relaxers were my only realistic option.  I was greatly encouraged to learn that the TM joint responds remarkably well to acupuncture treatments.  I experienced significant relief from the pain and muscle tension after just 2 - 3 treatments.  My TMJ problems are now under control with acupuncture treatments that are becoming fewer and further between as time goes on.  I plan on telling my dentist and MD all about it on my next visit to them.
- K.J.Halladay, Oak Hill, Virginia


" I have a protruding vertebra that is fractured in my lumbar spine.  Eventually I will need surgery, but an excellent neurosurgeon said to live with it as long as I can.  I was experiencing severe pain in my lower buttock.  I did months of physical therapy, which did little to help the pain.  I could only stand or walk for 10 or 15 minutes until the pain was so intolerable I’d have to sit down.  Then is took the pain awhile to subside.  I finally tried acupuncture with Jake Avancena L.Ac..  After about a month, the pain subsided a lot.  I then went to every two weeks and I fell like I have my life back.  I can walk and stand with very little pain.  I’m a believer!  It has been amazing and I tell my story to anyone who will listen."

- Barbara Kline Annandale, Virginia



The following is a representative clinical study that shows acupuncture effectiveness for various pain disorders:


“Report on 971 cases of Acupuncture for Pain”

By Fischer MV; Behr A; von Reumont J

From: Acupunct Electrother Res, 9: 1, 1984, 11-29


The results in 971 outpatients who have been treated with acupuncture for different diseases are reported. The outcome of treatments and number of sessions are discussed in relation to the different diseases. Acupuncture treatment was regarded as successful when

  1. the patients had no pain at all without medication and
  2. there was a significant improvement (no long-term medication, only mild pain under unusual strain, minimal medication under such circumstances).

We obtained positive results in cephalalgias (headaches) , sinusitis, cervical spine syndrome (neck pain), shoulder-arm syndrome, ischialgias (low back pain) , back pain, constipation, herpes zoster(shingles), allergic rhinitis (runny nose and/or congestion) and disturbances of peripheral blood flow. For the following ailments, in order to reduce the medication, we recommend acupuncture despite a high rate of recurrence: Trigeminal neuralgia, colitis ulcerosa, bronchial asthma and cancer pain.