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Laser Acupuncture System Imprinting

     LASI is the Solution!



Acupuncture Advantage Care specializes in non-invasive, needle- free, natural solutions to provide your body what it needs to heal itself.


LASI is a form of acupuncture treatment that combines Oriental medical and conventional medical theory with advanced low-level lasers and homeopathic-like substances. This method discovers information deficiencies in the body and then provides the body with the correct information so that the body can make internal adjustments in order to return to optimal functioning. In this way, the body is able to self-correct - adjusting the system in a perfectly balanced, natural way. Consequently, there is no danger of over or under stimulating. The treatment acts as a catalyst to the body's innate healing mechanisms.  This is done by imprinting the correct substance frequency directly to the body by using laser, acupuncture points and homeopathic-like vials.


The imprinting treatment itself involves stimulation of various acupuncture points in combination with the substance vials. Here, we are imprinting the substance information into the tissues so that the body will have the correct information with which to relate appropriately to the substances. This is done primarily with laser acupuncture and is painless. Most people will not feel anything during the treatment.  Following the treatment, patients may experience some discomfort during the next 24 to 48 hours related to the substance treated. This discomfort is a good sign that the affected area is healing.


One of the most exciting aspects of this treatment is that it it extremely powerful in resolving difficult disorders while having NO negative side-effects. Any reactions that the patient experiences during treatment are those of the body detoxifying, killing off infectants and/or eliminating inflammation. Many difficult to treat disorders can show great improvement in a shorter period of time compared with other therapies. In addition, there are beneficial, positive side-effects of the treatment. There is a noticeable strengthening of the patient's immune system. Patients consistently note that they are getting significantly fewer colds and flus. They also often mention a welcome increase in their energy level.


Through imprinting the information that your body needs, patients will often be surprised at the changes that their own body can effect that no other treatment was able to treat.




I am an avid tennis player who developed arthritis in my right knee after turning fifty, as a result of a fifteen-year old basketball injury. After several years of increasing pain and stiffness, I decided to try acupuncture. There was noticeable relief during my first session. After a course of about eight sessions over a two-month period, I experienced significant improvement and was able to play competitive tennis again.  


Robert Angel, Virginia



" the body is able to self-correct  - adjusting the system in a perfectly balanced, natural way."









"This is done primarily with laser acupuncture and is painless. Most people will not feel anything during the treatment. "